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The Called2Duty (C2D) initiative creates a collaborative approach to the opioid crisis that affects communities across Arkansas. Our goal is to create a campaign that helps protect the welfare of Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SMVF)  alongside all Arkansans. 


The Called2Duty (C2D) initiative is designed around two core objectives:

Community Engagement and Individual Empowerment. Through these objectives, C2D focuses on raising awareness, providing training, and taking action against the opioid crisis.


Education: Spreading information and resources across Arkansas about the opioid crisis.  

Prevention: Community-based strategies that engage SMVF and citizens to work towards minimizing opioid dependency and its consequences.


Safe Streets & Minimizing Crime Wave: Engage the SMVF in community safety initiatives, resulting in the reduction of opioid-related crime.


Workforce Reintegration: Facilitating the reintegration of SMVF into the workforce, promoting economic stability, and providing opportunities for those affected by the opioid crisis.


Recovery Support: Introducing a Veteran Peer Support National Pilot model to sustain recovery among SMVF. 


Overdose Reduction: Training individuals to administer Naloxone and recognize signs of overdose thus educating and empowering efforts to reduce opioid overdoses. 

Maximizing State Resources: Utilize present state resources to achieve program goals and ensure sustainability.

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Called2Duty is an initiative spearheaded by Camp Alliance and co-led by the Office of the Drug Director, with support from the Governor and the Office of the Attorney General. 

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