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Fort Roots Recovery Center is a visionary project dedicated to transforming lives through comprehensive support services for military personnel, veterans, and their families facing substance use disorders and mental health challenges. Our facility is designed across three phases, each offering specialized programs and resources tailored to support individuals on their journey to recovery.



1st Floor: Transitional living quarters, providing housing for up to 50 individuals alongside essential amenities such as shared kitchen and recreational spaces. This phase incorporates life skills groups, mutual aid support groups, and one-on-one counseling services to foster personal growth and development.


2nd Floor: Recovery Community Organization (RCO) becomes the focal point, offering a walk-in facility with a diverse array of services. Peer support programs provide individuals with guidance from trained peers who understand their experiences firsthand, while support groups offer a safe space for sharing and community building. Educational workshops, resource referrals, and recreational activities further enrich the recovery journey, while crisis intervention services ensure timely support for those in acute distress. Partnering with Called2Duty, the RCO empowers individuals to navigate recovery challenges with resilience and dignity.


3rd Floor: Lays the groundwork for expansion, offering opportunities to enhance services such as detox, inpatient care, or additional transitional beds to meet evolving community needs.


Forts Roots RC encompasses integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders, a seamless continuum of care, comprehensive family support, employment connections, and diverse support groups tailored to various pathways to recovery. With a dedicated team of licensed professionals and trained peer supporters, Fort Roots Recovery is committed to delivering personalized care and guidance, empowering individuals and families on their path to sustained recovery and improved well-being.

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